Stakeholders creating today's new buildings want the most sustainable and healthy products available today. SonaSpray Acoustic Spray is a green and economical solution for sound absorption, in contrast to the many mineral wool /PVC-based acoustic panels flooding the market. From manufacturing through to installation, customers can be safe in the knowledge they're choosing a product with health, well-being, and sustainability at its centre.

Healthy Composition

The composition of Sonaspray is at a minimum of 80% post-consumer recycled cellulose fibres. Additives used to ensure optimal fire safety has been extensively tested to guarantee the absence of any air-quality pollutants. A proprietary water-based polymer adhesive used in the installation is also guaranteed to be free from pollutants. Sonaspray is Cradle to Cradle certified, and detailed environmental data can be found in our EPD / HPD available on our website.

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Up To Standard

Environmental accreditations such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL Building Standard, and GreenGuard Gold give building owners objective criteria to strive for. Sonaspray contributes to all these initiatives through its superior composition and has been specified in many LEED-certified buildings in Ireland.

Thermal control

Sonaspray, whilst being an acoustic solution primarily, also provided an addition benefit of thermal insulation. SonaSpray fills gaps, seams, and voids during the application. This can provide excellent benefits to heat retention, as even small voids can cause large heat losses. Typically, SonaSpray provides a thermal insulation R-value of 3.75. However, with a special application, customers can achieve an R-Value of 19. Please request more info about this on our contact us page.

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