Zalando, Dublin

Together with Zalando, architects created a modern office in the heart of Dublin that unites staff and clients in a common goal. This modern office has improved productivity, effectiveness, and wellbeing while decreasing annual costs for the business and creating a far more engaging environment for both employees and visitors.

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Absolute Acoustics
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Neal Gartland
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Sonaspray FCX


Architects wasere given the task of creating and delivering a productive workspace in order to boost return on investment, enhance service delivery, and alter employee and customer comfort. The impact of noise in the area must be regarded carefully for the workplace design to be successful when it comes to maximising employee wellness, health, and productivity. For its appealing, smooth acoustic spray coating to manage reverberation throughout the reception spaces and offices, architects chose SonaSpray K-13 Special. A 900m2 concrete slab was treated with acoustic spray by one of our expert teams, which produced outstanding office acoustics and increased ceiling height relative to the existing ceiling grid system.

SonaSpray K13-SP is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, fire rated, and provides incredibly effective Class A / NRC > 0.9 acoustic absorption. It can be applied to many surfaces, such as metal decks or vaulted dome ceilings. This product is our most popular choice for Offices and Sports Halls but can be effective in many different settings. Available with a 20-year warranty.

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