Udemy, Windmill Lane Dublin

Udemy set up a new dublin base in 2020. BDP Architects were thinking about how to address the potential office acoustics problems while preserving the open spacious aesthetic throughout.

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Neal Gartland
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SonaSpray K13-SP


It's crucial to make sure the office acoustics are suitable because it can be difficult for numerous individuals attempting to concentrate in one bustling office environment. With no sacrifice to aesthetics, Absolute Acoustics offers the ideal decorative acoustic finish for reverberation control in the space. 

Absolute Acoustics's well trained personnel used SonaSpray K-13 in mid-grey white to, altering the offices visually and sonically to create the ideal setting for a bustling and lively work place. SonaSpray's seamless finish preserves the building's original character and ceiling height, which cannot be done with suspended acoustical ceilings. SonaSpray's finish follows and highlights the lines of the existing surface.

Absolute Acoustics provided designer with a comprehensive choice of finishes, from textured to plaster smooth, along with independent acoustic test results for use in the office acoustics calculations.

SonaSpray K13-SP is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, fire rated, and provides incredibly effective Class A / NRC > 0.9 acoustic absorption. It can be applied to many surfaces, such as metal decks or vaulted dome ceilings. This product is our most popular choice for Offices and Sports Halls but can be effective in many different settings. Available with a 20-year warranty.

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