Tech Company, Dublin

One the worlds top tech companies was building a new headquarters in Dublin. The task was to design a base that appeals to locals and improves Dublin while also attracting fresh talent and reflecting the optimistic culture of this genuinely global company. The primary idea behind the interior design of this fit out project was the welfare of those utilising the area.

Project details

Tech Company (Confidential)
Absolute Acoustics
Account Manager
Gary Gartland
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SonaSpray K13-SP



SonaSpray K13-SP is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, fire rated, and provides incredibly effective Class A / NRC > 0.9 acoustic absorption. It can be applied to many surfaces, such as metal decks or vaulted dome ceilings. This product is our most popular choice for Offices and Sports Halls but can be effective in many different settings. Available with a 20-year warranty.

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