Sonacousticâ„¢ is an acoustic finish that seamlessly mimics the appearance of plaster and is suitable for ceilings and high-level walls. The construction of Sonacoustic consists of a glass wool board beneath a layer of acoustically transparent plaster, which is then expertly trowelled and sanded to produce a smooth finish.



Sonacoustic Acoustic Plaster is a top-notch plastering system that effectively absorbs undesirable noise in various settings. It is a spray-applied acoustic plaster solution that boasts highly absorbent properties, making it an ideal choice for controlling acoustics in large commercial areas.

Unlike conventional acoustic solutions such as suspended ceilings, the Sonacoustic Plaster System can be applied to almost any surface, including straight and curved walls, dramatic angles, and arching domes, giving a more adaptable and unobtrusive alternative.

The Sonacoustic Acoustic Plaster System is an excellent option for a wide range of buildings, including historic structures, high-end residential, commercial, retail, and educational facilities. It flawlessly integrates aesthetics with acoustic functionality.

With the ability to absorb sound waves, the Sonacoustic sound-absorbing plaster system lessens the reverberation time, providing optimal sound absorption. Moreover, it is a fast and straightforward installation process, and it is completely free of synthetic materials!

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  • Resembles a plasterboard ceiling
  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance, Class A, NRC > 0.9
  • Extensive Environmental Credentials (see technical documents)
  • Fire Resistant (Up to A1 rating, see documents)
  • Can be applied to any surface, include metal decking, plasterboard, Steel, Concrete.
  • 20 Year Warranty, ISO approved product
  • Available in any colour
  • Can be used behind suspended timber and mesh ceilings
  • Installed by certified, expert in-house Absolute Acoustics team
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Acoustic Absorption Class:Class A
Aw Absorption Rating:0.75-0.95
NRC Absorption Rating:>0.90
Composition:Sonaglue, Sonaboard glass wool, Sonacoustic Plaster
Thickness:25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 65mm
Product Placement:Ceiling and high level walls
Colours:White and All NCS Colours (at slightly extra cost)
Install method:Fix glass woll boards, Spray apply base layer plaster, allow drying, apply finish coat plaster
Application:Auditoria, atriums, art galleries, conference centres, foyers, high end housing, hotels, museums and offices
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